Tuffy Mouse is a minor character in, the Tom and Jerry Show he is Jerry's nephew. He is Tom's possible rival.


Jerry MouseEdit

Jerry is Tuffy's uncle, Tuffy always follows where Jerry wherever he goes like; fighting Tom with various weapons.

And, obviously being as a family member.

Tom CatEdit

They don't get along, but they just fight each other as rivalry. Sometimes, Jerry and Tuffy helped Tom but this didn't get well.

Spike the BulldogEdit

Tuffy must agree with Spike, three of them does don't like Tom's negative personalities. Three of them sometimes, help Stop Tom from defeating them.


  • Tuffy is one of the youngest characters in the show.
  • Tuffy is a grey-mouse.
  • Tuffy has yet to interact with his uncle Pecos and his first cousion Muscles.
  • Tuffy's origanal name was Nibbles.