The Paper Airplane Chase
Season 2, Episode 7
Broadcast Information
Airdate February 20, 2016
Production no. 203a
Viewers TBA
Written by Jim Praytor
Robert Zappia
Directed by Darrell Van Citters
Storyboard by Will Finn
Episode Guide
Tough Luck Duck
Round Tripped
"The Paper Airplane Chase" is the seventh episode in the second season of The Tom and Jerry Show. It aired on Cartoon Network on February 20, 2016.


Jerry was watching a film with planes while Tuffy was making paper planes. The two smelled cake. They saw Ginger and Tom making a cake. Tom wanted to taste it, but Ginger didn't let him. Ginger went to the supermarket to buy some ingredients. She says to Tom to watch the recipe, because it is the last copy of that great cake, and the cake batter, but not to taste it. Tom wants to taste it, but he doesn't do it. He leaves the kitchen. Jerry and Tuffy flew with a paper plane to the batter. They start to eat. Tom returns and chases them away. This happens again. Tom looks at the recipe. A paper plane hits him. He throws it. Tuffy and Jerry throw more paper planes and Tom throws them back until he accidentaly makes the recipe a plane and throws it. He finds it and runs after it. The recipe flies through the chimney, on the roof, through the garden and into a house. Jerry and Tuffy don't let him take the recipe. Tom finally takes the recipe. In this time, Jerry and Tuffy eat the batter. Tom starts the mixer and throws the mice away, but also dirts the kitchen with batter, inclusive the recipe. Tom washes it and puts it in the dryer, but when he takes it, it is tiny. Ginger comes back and Tom panics. He makes a giant paper plane and leaves the house for a time. Ginger doesn't know why he leaves until she sees the kitchen.


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