Barkley is a main antagonist in The Tom and Jerry Show episode, "One of a Kind".


Barkley came to the Tolucaville Dog Park growled and he saids that he doesn't like grass, water fountains, trash cans, little dogs and dog collars. He got send to the pound by the dog catcher. He later escapes and manage to get through the electric fence. After he escapes from the pound, he decides to hurt Tom and Jerry. Near at the pound, when he realizes they're Tom and Jerry, he gave them a chase until they're inside a prison chamber, and as Barkley is about to beat up Tom and Jerry, Jerry sets up a banana peel, which Barkley slips on, and he slipped back to his cell. When Barkley is about to beat up Tom and Jerry in their cell, Polly and Barkley face off with a challenge, but they kiss. Polly's owner sent them home and they continued to kiss.

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